Shamrock Ireland Seeds .Three Leaf Clover Irish Gift

Trifolium Dubium the Lesser Trefoil and White Clover

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Plant at any time of year using small pots or trays using any moist , well drained soil mix and sprinkle your seeds .Cover the pot with plastic film.This will keep the seeds warm and moist until they germinate.Remove plastic once shamrock seedlings appear
Common Names
Little Shamrock, hop clover, Irish shamrock, least hop clover, lesser trefoil, lesser yellow trefoil, ,low hop clover, shamrock, yellow shamrock ,, small hop clover, small hop-clover, suckling clover, yellow clover, yellohamrock ,shamrock clover , cowhop clover, little hop clover,
Scientific name Trifolium Dubium the Lesser Trefoil
yellow suckling clover
Plant at any time of year Great Little Gift.
This pack gives you the seeds necessary to grow your own spring of shamrocks in a few simple steps.
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